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Antanas Kontautas, Dep. of Biology, Faculty of Nature sciences and Math., Klaipeda university, H. Manto 84, Klaipeda, 92294, Lithuania. e-mail: antanas.kontautas@ku.lt, www.ku.lt

The project The measures of creation an accounting system of crayfish catch infix by regulating abundance and spread of invasive spiny-cheek crayfish (Orconectes limosa ) in the internal waters and conservation of natural noble crayfish (Astacus astacus L.) and narrow-clawed crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus L.) populations No. 3KOL3-3-11-01, funded by the European Fisheries Fund and the Lithuanian state budget according the Lithuanian fisheries sector National Strategy and Action plan 2007-2013.

During the 2012, there were examined 161 rivers, 168 lakes and 26 water ponds. There were found 4 species of crayfish at all: Noble crayfish, Narrow clawed crayfish, Signal crayfish and Spiny -cheek crayfish, however, not all 4 species in all research areas. It is very important that the number of foundings of Spiny cheek crayfish and densities of population are decreasing during last two years. Poll results showed that 88% of crayfish catchers note that the population of Noble crayfish declines and even 99% would support any measures which would help rebuild the population of Noble crayfish.

During the 2013 additionally there were examined 21 river parts, 4 lakes and 5 water ponds. There were found 2 species of crayfish at all: Noble crayfish and Spiny -cheek crayfish. The results show that only in few places the population of Noble crayfish is in stable situation. The Invasive Spiny -cheek crayfish species still is quit common but populations are decreasing. The reasons and possible factors of that are not identified at this moment.

The Ministry of Environment, Republic of Lithuania, is carrying out the project The implementation of invasive species abundance regulatory and rare species protection measures was by. One from the invasive species is Spiny -cheek crayfish. During the period 2013-2014 in 10 lakes will be implemented different measures intensive catching during all season, introduction of European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.), restoration of common perch spawning areas in those lakes. The results will show what measures should be used for the regulation of populations of Spiny -cheek crayfish.